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Hi everyone my name is Mariza Villarreal. I am a  NPC Bikini Competitor and fitness model who was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX, and currently reside in Los Angeles, CA. 

I began my fitness career in 2002 as a fitness model posing exclusively with Muscular Development. I  gained popularity very quickly among the fitness community, and I was published four times that year. Then I was asked to pose for the cover of Muscular Development in March 2003 with a centerfold and a 2 page interview. I was one of 12 girls the magazine chose to spotlight as that year exclusively in their publication. After Muscular Development, I was Aalso published in many mainstream magazines such as Mens Health and Fitness blogs. For personal reasons I  had to put my dreams of health and fitness on hold and take responsibility for my family after the death of both of my parents. I was able to pursue fitness again in 2013 almost a decade later. This time I came back focused on becoming an IFBB Pro and making fitness FULLTIME career rather than just being a part-time fitness model. I started an instagram account posting workouts, personal tips and inpirational/motivational posts and I have accumulated 1.5 MILLION instagram followers I try to inspire daily.

I began competing in March of 2014,my first show was Muscle Contest in Culver City, CA. In my  very first show ever.. I won overall in Masters and qualified for NPC Nationals, I also took overall my class for Open and first in class for Masters. I then competed a month later at the Governors show one of the biggest shows in  California and placed in the top 5. I opted to skip nationals this year due to health/thyroid reasons.I might train to re-qualify in 2017 and acquire my Pro Card with the help of my coach.

I ONLY want to inspire others. No matter what you've done in your life YOU can change your life around at any moment and follow your dreams with success!

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