Thank you for contacting me regarding making an extra income!


Would you like to get paid to workout, eat healthy, and share your experience with others? It is possible and it's how my team and I earn our extra income. I work full-time doing this and some of my team members work part-time. You choose how it will fit into your schedule so there is no pressure.


Here's what I do in order to get customers:


 Use the products and get my own personal results.


 I Document my journey. 


I post my workouts, meals, and inspiration daily. 


 I talk to people about their goals and how I can help them.


 I sell products and receive a commission on sales.



I work mainly from my phone or laptop which allows me the freedom to work from anywhere. I create my own schedule so I am able to be there for my kids. The time I used to spend scrolling through Facebook or on Instagram I now spend talking to existing and new clients.


What you receive with opportunity:


  • Free online business and product training along with weekly interactive calls.

  • Team support. We are currently at Millionaire Team level. 

  • Free Promotional Tools to help you efficiently sell products.

  • Back-end infrastructure for you and your clients. (You have an online store ready for you)

  • Free Client calls so all your clients can get support weekly.

  • Monthly live trainings in cities where available. 

  • Free weekly distributor school in LA and available online to watch.

  • Fitcamps available in LA for you and your clients to attend.

  • Mentorship - I will personally mentor you and teach you the business so you will not be alone. I have personally done over a million volume points this year and I can teach you how to get clients and build your business. 

  • Coaching towards your own goals.  As a client, you will receive a meal plan and workout after you purchase your own products. (not mandatory as a distributor)


Here's how to join my team:

To become a Distributor! Go to www.myherbalife.com - 

  1. Click Apply Online. 

  2. Use my ID: 10y0954728 

  3. Type in Rog for the Last Name section (Mireya Rogers will appear that's me)

  4. Have you purchased a member pack? Click “No"

  5. The fee is stated (per country) to start as a distributor. You will never be required to purchase products upfront or to have inventory on hand. 


All distributors receive three 3 day trials in your membership welcome packed. You can sell these for $25.00 each to help make income right away. You'll also receive booklets, buttons and an herbalife bag to stay branded at all times.


My team consists of strong, encouraging, and creative distributors. We help each other to obtain our goals. We would love to have you on our team!


Thank You so much!







Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compliance for U.S. Supervisors at Herbalife.com and MyHerbalife.com.