• Mariza Villarreal

Are you currently working on your summer body?

Are you currently working on your summer body? What can I post to help you? Food, Motivation or Exercise? Comment below 👇🏽 _ There are so many different dieting fads these days. This diet and that diet, too many people looking for a quick fix that is not sustainable. That WORD is the reason most of us aren’t the size we want to be. DIET. I mean really, who enjoys a diet? I believe in adopting realistic lifestyle changes. _ Diets are restricting. Diet takes away things that you don’t want to give up. Diets are temporary and often times unenjoyable for the long run. Who wants to do something that makes them miserable AND only holds temporary effects? _ NOT ME! _ A lifestyle change should be enjoyable. It’s your new way of life, and you certainly don’t want to be miserable craving things here and there then feeling guilty when you have them. _ So what are some aspects of a lifestyle change that are different than DIETTING? _ You often times have to give something up on a diet. That’s not the case in a lifestyle. Instead of restricting yourself, you moderate yourself. You still have that piece of cake, just in moderation. You can still eat that 2 piece fried chicken with the fries, just not every single day. You get to where you want to be and incorporate cheat meals. _ If you always restrict yourself, you will feel miserable and have an unhealthy relationship with food. That’s not what we want. I love food! Food is my friend! Your lifestyle doesn’t have to be restricting unless you want it to be, like if you were cutting for instance. _ There are many benefits to learning to eat healthier daily over doing a strict diet for a few days. Your results are also more easily maintained with a lifestyle. _ Majority of people want to learn a balance, meal prepping, and a way to enjoy foods while losing weight.I have 4 kids and I have mastered that myself. Let me show you how! _ My 90 day challenge starts March 4th let me help you get started!


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