• Mariza Villarreal

Tips for getting and staying motivated to workout.

Mariza Villarreal - Tips for getting and staying motivated to workout.

Tips To Motivate Yourself to Work Out

You watch fitness YouTube videos all the time! In your head, you are ready to get to work. You even sit down and type out a workout plan. Then the day comes. The hour comes. When you have to get off your couch, out of your bed, change those comfy pajamas, and head to the gym.

It’s at this moment that for most of us, we start to get tired, drowsy, and even sleepy. Then we convince ourselves that our body would betray us if we were to hit that gym right now. We will convince ourselves that our body needs to rest but we will get back in the gym the next day. Then, the next day takes weeks to come.

So how do you keep yourself motivated to get up and get your workout on?

Keep Your Goals in Mind: I’ve said it time and time again, mindset is everything. When you are fully aware of your goals and have a deep desire to see them brought to completion, you are more likely to stick to whatever you chose to do. Keeping your goals in mind allows you to remember that reason you started this lifestyle and push yourself when you don’t feel like it.

Schedule Rest Days: Like “treat” days, rest days may be something that some of you look forward to. If you are struggling to get to the gym 7 days a week, know that your body needs rest. Schedule a day or two where you aren’t training, at least not hard. Looking forward to those days when you don’t have to do anything can be motivation enough to get in the gym and get it over with.

Change Up Your Routine: Working out can get real boring, real fast if you are doing the same things over and over and over again. Switch up your training routine. Try out some new exercises. Make your workout a little more challenging by upping your weight or reps. Try a different cardio machine or incorporate different exercises in your HIIT routine. Do something different that excites you.

Work Out With A Friend: I am personally someone who prefers to work out alone, however there are some people who enjoy working out when they have a partner or are in a group setting. Try to work out with a friend, or check out some different group classes that you may be able to attend. Working out with other people could be just the thing you need to stay motivated. Even going on a brisk walk with your dog could be something that is motivating, because it involves someone else.

There are plenty of ways to motivate yourself to get going, you just have to create the right mindset and stick to it. Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage and accomplish the fitness goals you started the journey in pursuit of.

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