• Mariza Villarreal

Having a Better Attitude Toward Fitness

Having a Better Attitude Toward Fitness

Fitness has gotten some bad raps over the years. Of course there are people, like me, who absolutely love it.  But fitness, really isn’t that bad. Eating healthy really isn’t that bad either. As you all have probably heard me say a thousand times, it starts in your mind FIRST. 

Your attitude has to be right. 

So what’s your attitude?  Your attitude is your way of thinking or feeling about something, which is reflected in your personal lifestyle.  Basically, the way you think or feel about something or someone is going to determine how you treat it, or them.

Most people have a love/hate attitude towards fitness, there for they treat it with love and hate. This used to be me. I loved the benefits fitness had on my body, but I hated cardio, eating healthy, and getting up to workout when I didn’t feel like it. Some of you may be something like me. So the cycle was as follows: Go hard in the gym for a month, maybe longer. Eat super healthy (restricting myself from the things I love because it’s been drilled into me that they are bad for you.) Then, falling off the wagon. Having life happen and then before I know it I’m looking at my friends like “Gym who?”

Maybe you can relate. 

I encourage you not to have this attitude towards fitness. Why? Because when you are back on the love stage it’s harder to try to undo all the “bad” things you’ve done during the hate stage. Kind of like a bad break up, then you get back together but because you were both so petty when you were apart it takes a lot to repair all of the damage. 

Instead, have the attitude that though sometimes this sucks, I don’t have to complain about the sucky parts. Instead, since you’ve done research and you know the long-term affects of working out, and you know what your motivation is, you are grateful that your body is responding. You are getting stronger, so the soreness is just evidence of your hard work. You’ve been eating clean all week so that slice of pizza isn’t the end of the world. 

So how can you change your attitude? 

Find your motivation:

I have a whole post dedicated to this because it is so imperative. If you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing, you will always look at it from a negative standpoint. 

Determine why you may have a negative outlook:

If you have a bad attitude towards fitness now, find out why that is. Are you insecure about being in a gym? Do you despise running? What’s the reason your attitude is negative.

Look for different perspectives:

Once you determine why you have a negative perspective, find ways to look at fitness from a different perspective. Can you look at the “cheat” meals as “treat” meals for doing a good job instead of as something you will have to work extra hard to recover from? 

Changing your attitude towards fitness can go a long way in your overall health goals. 

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