• Mariza Villarreal

Health & Fitness: Tips for Busy Moms

It’s already February 2019. Your New Year’s Resolution was the same as it has always been: this year, I will be healthier, get in shape, get serious about losing weight. Yet somehow, it’s February and nothing has been accomplished.

If this isn’t your story, I applaud you. But for most of us, this is how it goes every year. But starting today, that doesn’t have to be the case!

I know, I know. You have a million things on your plate. The kids have so many things to do. How will you ever have the time to go to a gym long enough to work out? If you are a busy mom, like most of us are, I have a few tips and tricks to help you get focused and motivated. Summer is almost upon us already, and it’s not too late for you to get that hot mom bod ready for a bikini! (Or, maybe at least some shorts if bikinis aren’t your thing.)

Prepare your mind: Fitness and Healthy lifestyles all start in your mind. So right now, you have to set your mind on what your goals are. Get ready and focused. Decide in your mind first that you are going to do whatever you can to reach those goals! Once you conquer the doubt and dismay in your mind, you have already won the battle.

Find 20-30 minutes in your day, and start there: This lifestyle requires some sacrifice, but I’m not asking you to find a whole chunk of your day to get in the gym and train like a body builder. Just find 20-30 minutes. No matter where that thirty minutes is, decide that you are going to work out. (Even if you record your favorite show instead of watch it.) You can find plenty of short workout videos on YouTube to follow along to. Take a quick jog or walk. You do not HAVE to go to the gym.

Find the best gym for you: If you do happen to be someone like me who prefers gym workouts, make sure your gym is compatible for you. Does it have childcare if you need it? How close is it to your house? These things can make working out easier and less time consuming.

Be Patient: You set your mind on your goals. That’s great. You’ve found the time and started working out. Even better! Now, stick to it. Don’t be like the old me, giving up after a month because nothing was happening. It can take time to reach your body goals. Keep pushing.

Don’t Give Up: Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP! So you missed your workout today, just get back to it tomorrow, or whatever day you can. So you ate a slice of pizza (or 12), don’t say you have to wait until the next Monday to start again. Just get back on track at the next meal or the next workout. This lifestyle isn’t easy, but you can make it worth it for yourself!

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