• Mariza Villarreal

Keeping Fit While On The Go

If you are anything like me, you probably travel. A lot. Staying fit during times of travel can be difficult. It’s easier to get to the gym when you are home. You have a routine, and the gym or working out is a part of that routine. Once you get in the habit of a routine, you’re less likely to break it.

Traveling breaks the routine.

No matter how often you travel, traveling disrupts your normally scheduled eating times, and your regularly attended workout sessions. If you are just traveling for vacation or a family emergency once a year or so, you may be ok. But if you are an avid traveler, you may need some tips to keep fit on the go.

Create a Traveling Fitness Plan: If you travel often, make a normal routine for your traveling schedule. Find hotels that have access to free gyms. Develop a workout plan, or get a home workout video that you can do in your hotel room. Find a hotel that has an easily accessible path for a run. You want to modify what you normally do in the gym to fit a time and space restrained area.

Pre Pack Healthy Snacks: You know us fitness freaks are always hungry! Traveling cannot only take a toll on your pocketbook, but also on your eating habits. You don’t want to binge the entire time you are traveling, so having a few protein bars, pieces of fruit, or another one of your favorite on the go health snacks can help. Along with this would be to choose healthier options from the menu.

Of course I’m not saying not to splurge a little, especially if you have never been somewhere. (The first thing I do is check out the restaurant options.) But try not to try the unhealthiest options at EVERY restaurant you give a try.

Schedule Workout Times Beforehand: With that fitness plan you made for your travels, look at what you are going to be doing on your trip and plan out when you will work out ahead of time. For me, when I don’t meal prep I am discombobulated at every meal and tend to choose more unhealthy options. If you have in your mind before you even get to your destination what block of time you have set aside to workout, it’s less of a struggle to make yourself stop a moment to get the workout in.

Traveling can be fun and exciting, but as we all know, we may come back home sluggish. We have gotten out of routine and it could take us a moment to get back to it. Avoid this happening by incorporating a few of these ideas to your travel plan.

You don’t have to do your usual muscle wrenching 3 hour workout during your travels, but something as simple as a little cardio and healthier eating can help you stay in rhythm so it’s not a challenge when you get home.

What do you do to stay fit when you travel?

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