• Mariza Villarreal

Whats my ethnicity?

I am Mexican of Aztec decent and Italian. My great great grandfather swam to the US illegally with his brother. My great grandmother and her family fled here illegally on a boat from Italy with her family. I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX. _ I’ve always been attracted to the sun ☀️ the ocean 🌊 and the heat 🔥. I’ve never said man it’s too hot 🥵 out here lol. My skin turns red in a matter of hours then gets a gold tone. I say those are my Aztec blood lines coming through. ❤️☀️ Tezcatlipoca kissed me 😉 _ I love the sun on my skin I feel like it gives me life. Did you know spending time in the sun naturally makes you happy. The light from the sun increases the levels of serotonin your brain produces. There's another factor involved in sunlight's affect on mood, though: vitamin D. The body actually creates its supply of vitamin D from the sun's ultraviolet rays hitting the skin, and high levels of vitamin help the body maintain high levels of serotonin. _ Next time your feeling stressed or depressed get out into the sun and absorb as many rays as possible it will help naturally boost your mood. Ohh and use some sun screen lol 😂

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